Monday, March 9, 2009

Best Mom Tip #50: Ask your kids questions

I asked my daughter what Bible verse she learned at church on Sunday--after a few minutes of concentration she said, "God takes care of me. 3 Peter Pan." I think it was actually from the book 1Peter, but I'm pretty excited about reading that new Peter Pan book. Seems intriguing.

I asked if she had brushed her hair and I got a 5 minute monologue on the positives of wearing a headband--you don't have to clip anything, which is sometimes hard, and your hair looks very pretty.

I asked my baby boy if he was hungry and he said, "uuuuuhhhhhhhhh." I'm very confident that was his version of "YES! YES! YES!"

Best of all, I play a game with them both called "who's the best." I say, "who's the best baby in the world" and my boy grins. I say, "who's the best big girl in the world" and my daughter raises her hand.

And daughter says, "who's the best Mommy in the world" and yells her answer--"Mama's the best Mommy in the world!" When I don't feel like I'm doing a good job, I just ask my kids questions. It's great for the soul.

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