Thursday, May 21, 2009

Best Mom Tip #62: Don't correct your gym instructor

Today I learned that the incredibly perky woman in front of the room in any woman-centered excercise class does not ACTUALLY want you to tell her how many reps you are on. Apparently, this is some sort of schtick she uses to get you to do more. Since I am able to count really well, I just find it annoying when she yells "I think that was just 20" when we all know it was really 40.

Back in January I joined my local YMCA because, although I had lost 35 pounds since my son was born in August, I still weighed a good 30 pounds more than I really wanted to. Also, I couldn't wear any of my clothes.

I started slowly by meeting with a trainer and setting up a strength training program that didn't tax any of my hurty joints. It's now been about 4 months and I have lost 20 or so pounds and my back doesn't jiggle any more. But I got bored in the weight room so now I take classes 5 days a week.

Which is why I've learned not to argue with the teacher. She just makes me do more scary ab excercises. Today I also mentioned that her missing cat was probably eaten by a coyote. I don't think we'll be hanging out any time soon.

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