Friday, January 1, 2010

Best Mom Tip #74: Keep warm

It is really cold here. I realize that other parts of the country have temps in the teens on a regular basis, but those places also have things like double-paned windows, snow plows, and actual winter coats. Here in Atlanta we really don't invest in any of those things. So the weather forecast that predicts highs of 35 for the next 7-10 days are really depressing.

I combat this by sitting directly in front of my space heater while snuggled up in my fleece blanket until I feel uncomfortably warm and ready for bed.

Last night I got to stay warm by sitting in front of the fire and visiting with friends I've had for 15 years. There were 5 families who came to celebrate the New Year at our house, and although not all of them actually made it to midnight, it was still a lot of fun.

Jay, Jason, Allison, Candy, and I all met in the fall of 1994. I met Kim and Cheryl a year later--technically I met Cheryl before she graduated from high school--when they came to UGA. Swami (not his real name--obviously) I met somewhere during that sophomore year of college, but really got to know him our junior year in 96-97. Josh, Millie, Adam, and Jon all "married in" between 5 and 8 years ago.

I am very lucky that I know such wonderful people who continue to encourage and sharpen me after such a long time. I can't even begin to explain how fun watching and holding the 11 children we have between us was.

I'm a little chilly, but my heart is warm. Thanks, guys. We had a great time.

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