Friday, August 6, 2010

Best Mom Tip #98: Add bilingual to your resume

I have a working knowledge of German. And I am fluent in 2-year-old Griffin. Here is an example:

"Buh, Gah. Mommy. Ameh."

That's Griffin for "Dear, God. Thank you for Mommy. Amen."

I can tell that because of the cadence of the words and the fact that he had his hands folded while he spoke. And he looked at me with love and delight and the knowledge that I would like what he was saying.

That's why, later on in the day, when I said "No, baby, diapers don't go in the freezer" I really wasn't annoyed at all. I mean, really. The boy thanked God for me today. And I'm the only one who could understand a word.

Maybe that's why he's grateful.

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