Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Best Mom Tip #111: Buy an duster extension pole

I hosted a baby shower over the weekend and since it was at 10:00am I had to actually dust the house. When I have parties later in the day I just assume that there won't be enough light for people to see all the dirt.

But this one was when the sun shines on the most of my house so I decided to dust the chandelier. I bought this new extender thing with a "microfiber duster" and it worked really well. It also allowed me to discover the spoon stuck in one of the lights of the chandelier.

That's right. A spoon. It's a Mickey Mouse spoon, in fact. I have no idea how a spoon wound up in my light fixture that is approximately 20 feet off of the floor. It's still there. I have faith that my extender duster is going to help me out just as soon and I have time for a pointless, tedious task.

(diet update today)

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