Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Best Mom Tip #131: Know when you belong in the zoo

We are members of Zoo Atlanta and I love to take our kids to see the animals. Yesterday was a beautiful day (until the evil tornadoes showed up at night) and since it was also the first day of Spring Break, I loaded up the kiddos. It was like my own personal zoo in the car so we fit right in when we got there.

Other people apparently had this same idea and it took us 25 minutes of circling the parking lot to find a space. You know how that kind of thing makes you want to stab something in your ear to stop the whining? Well, let's just say we were really glad to get out of the car.

This flamingo pond is the first thing you come to when you finally enter and the children always run to it and just stand there. They seem awed that there are weird looking birds right there. I'm not really sure why they love it so much. Maybe they just think that they're not allowed to move on yet.

We saw elephants (a BIG hit with Griffin who pretends to be an elephant at some point during every day), zebras, a baby giraffe, a baby panda, gorillas, tigers, sleeping lions, snakes, kangaroos, and some sheep. That last one is in the petting zoo.

I also heard people complain, "is the whole STATE of Georgia on Spring Break?" (yes), "is it always this hot?" (no, this is rather pleasant for us), and "I thought the reptile house was air conditioned!" (it is not hot enough for the air conditioning to be turned on yet).

One woman looked down at Harry in his fleece footies and then loudly exclaimed to her friend, "I bet that baby is really too hot in that outfit!" I responded with, "thank you so much for your unsolicited advice." She seemed genuinely confused that I was talking to her. Was I just a non-entity behind the stroller? Or was she uncertain about the meaning of unsolicited?

For the record, Harry seemed to be having a fine time without suffering heat exhaustion.

Days like today make me grateful for my children, a little extra income, and the time to watch the animals. We do belong in the zoo.

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