Sunday, December 9, 2012

Best Mom Tip #175: Keep your eyes on the road

So Georgia, like a lot of states, made texting while driving illegal.  There's also something about phone calls and hands free, I think.  OK, really I'm not sure what the law is but I know that I'm not supposed to be on my phone while operating a vehicle.

Lately, I've really been thinking about being an example to my kids.  What is my behavior and what do they see me do while driving?  I will admit to the following distracted driving infractions:

1.  Talking on the phone--I do this all the time.  I spend a lot of time in my car schlepping people from place to place and calling my mom or my friend Cheryl allows me to not go crazy.  I use the speaker phone option and only dial while stopped if that makes it any better.
2.  Looking for a song on my iTunes so that the children will stop asking me to hear Love Story, Devil Went Down to Georgia, or Highway 20 Ride.  They have odd tastes for children.
3.  Texting at red lights.  I know it's wrong.
4. Once, in college, I changed clothes while driving down the highway on my way to an interview.
5.  Eating.  Like 4 times a week.  Chicken nuggets, complete with dipping sauce, are a favorite.
6.  I also put on makeup at red lights.  OK, that one is embarrassing now that I've written it down.

Here are things I have seen other people do and for which I judge them:
1.  Shaving.  I saw a dude full on using his electric razor while the car was in motion.
2.  Teeth brushing.  What do you do with the toothpaste?  Swallow it?
3.  Smoking. Can you believe that cars actually used to encourage you to smoke with their awesome lighters and hidden ash trays?
4.   Holding pets.  This one makes me both concerned for the driver's ability to watch the road and for Fido's life expectancy in case of an accident.  No one wants to scrape puppy nose off the asphalt.
5.  Pumping breast milk.  Now, I realize you might not believe me on that one, but I'm serious.  I had an entire conversation with a woman at the YMCA the other day about how she saves so much time by pumping breast milk while driving.  She hooks her boobs up to a dual pump with a bra thing that holds the shields on and then pulls down her shirt.  Her stretchy workout shirts work well for this.  I just kept thinking, "what if she gets into an accident?"  Can you imagine the EMTs having to cut off her clothing on the side of the road and saying, "what is that noise?  Is her chest motorized?"  Anyway, that one really horrifies me. But somehow makes me feel better about myself at the same time.

I'm trying to really think about what my kids are watching me do and I have definitely limited my distractions to moments when I'm not moving.  Well, except for the speaker phone.  And eating.  Dang it.

What is your worst violation?  And how would you react if you saw your 16-year-old do it while driving?  Scary, huh?


  1. Hahahahaha. Common sense isn't so common, is it?
    And DIGNITY now becoming obsolete as well. Wow.
    I hope she doesn't carpool.

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