Monday, May 3, 2010

Best Mom Tip #90: Don't cry in public

This morning I took my sweet daughter to register for kindergarten. She did her own hair, as usual, with a matching bow to coordinate with her shirt.

She practically danced off with the complete stranger who was doing her screening process. She was trying desperately not to run when she returned from her screening, so proud of herself for knowing her numbers, letters, and how to spell her name.

She also got a new pencil that says, "Kindergartners are #1."

While she was gone, I proved that I live in the school district, handed over copies of her birth certificate and social security card and chatted about our county's teacher furloughs with the registration lady.

And I managed not to cry. I didn't even tear up in front of anyone. She is beautiful and so big and really, REALLY not a baby.

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