Monday, May 24, 2010

Best Mom Tip #92: Park for two

A couple of days ago I had the opportunity to eat lunch by myself outside of a school building. It was a beautiful day and I was thrilled to be able to eat outside at a local sandwich place.

When I got there, I pulled into a parking space that was a little tight, but I was proud of myself for being able to squeeze the giant minivan into such a small space.

Then I tried to get out of the car.

I was trying to hop my way far enough out of the car to retrieve my right leg when I realized that even if I got out, getting back in holding my sweet tea was not going to be possible. There was simply no way to get myself out of the car with my protruding belly and then get back in with any sense of dignity.

So I heaved my left leg back into the vehicle, turned the car back on, and moved my enormous mom-mobile two spaces down.

That's when I spotted a former coworker who is a 5'7" size 2 walking to her own car.

I didn't say hi.

It was pretty demeaning to have to actually re-park the car because I'm too damn big to get out. I will be parking in remote spaces for the next 4-5 weeks.

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