Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Best Mom Tip #84: Pretend you're at the fun house

So today my lovely mother-in-law offered to pick up my children from school, feed them dinner, and bring them back to me for bath and bed time. This gave me almost 2 hours of free time this afternoon. So I went to get a pedicure. I also bought my daughter shorts for her school uniform at Target, but for an entire hour I was selfish and alone at the nail salon.

I read a book, had my feet and legs massaged, and got very pretty toes--which is nice because I have a hard time bending in half enough to hold my hand steady while I paint my own toes at this point.

On the way out I was relaxed and carefree and a nice looking guy in a truck paused and smiled at me while I crossed the parking lot to my car. I felt cute and young and happy that I still bring out chivalry in random strangers.

Then I saw my reflection in my minivan and laughed out loud. For a moment, I had forgotten that I was hugely pregnant with my THIRD kid and that guy was just thinking about his mom when I walked by.

So I decided to pretend that I'm living in the fun house and the bizarrely rotund reflection is a result of warped reflective surfaces. And not the result of swollen breasts and a protruding belly. And sometimes the carnies hit on me.

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