Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Best Mom Tip #86: Average your days together

Yesterday, I was Supermom.

I woke up and played with the children before work, convincing my 20-month-old that his sippy cup was just as wonderful as his bottle (for which he has an abnormal amount of love). I got to work and taught a great and interactive lesson on the Cold War. I then raced to my OB during my planning period for my 30 week checkup. (Baby is fine, but sitting upright so I'm supposed to walk a lot to encourage him to flip over).

I rushed back to work, taught several more classes and finished the workday feeling accomplished and on top of things. I picked up my kids and took them for a 30 minute walk (as suggested by my midwife) while pulling them in a wagon. Which was very hard.

I made "rainbow dinner" to the delight of the preschoolers and got them ready for bed. (BTW, rainbow dinner was bagel with strawberry cream cheese, a red-orange banana, green eggs, and yellow milk followed by funfetti cupcakes with sprinkles.) Then I watched 24 with Jay and finished a novel.

Today was somewhat different. I woke up late and left grumpy children who were disappointed in the amount of snuggling in our morning. I was very late to work and didn't get to eat breakfast. I fell asleep during my planning period and didn't get my work done. And, honestly, that's pretty embarrassing on several fronts. I was lightheaded when I got home so I let my kids watch TV for almost 2 hours while I lay on the couch keeping my eye out in case my lovely son decided to climb the DVD tower.

I had Jay bring home fast food for dinner and we all ate in front of an episode of Dinosaur Train on PBS.

Yesterday I was Claire Huxtable. Today I'm Roseanne Barr.

Maybe if I average my days together I could end up being Marge Simpson by the end of the week.

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