Sunday, December 21, 2008

Best Mom Tip #12: Wake up in love

Preferably with the person with whom you share the bed. I saw a sign on a store that sells iron beds that said "wake up in love." My first thought was that this was quite a promise for a bed store. But my second thought was that it was good advice.

I wake up in lots of things, but love is not usually the first thing on my mind. Sometimes I wake up squished between various family members. Sometimes I wake up being "whispered" to by my daughter. I often wake up summoned to the aid of my newborn by cries in the middle of the night. On one memorable occasion I woke up in barf.

Usually I wake up in disappointment that it isn't at least 15 minutes later than it is. My daughter, who has an amazing internal alarm clock, comes in every morning at 7:15. She then gets into bed with me to snuggle for 15 minutes before we get up. Invariably, she wiggles so much that it annoys my husband, traps my breast between her elbow and the bed, and kicks at least one other person in the groin.

My husband and I then grumble our way into the morning, sore and a little confused, with diaper changing for him and breast feeding for me. There is the general cat herding that is involved with getting my daughter ready for the day and packed for school. There is frequently an issue over the bathroom--priority goes to the one who might wet her pants.

But I, like so many Americans, am going to put my trust in advertising and--at least for this week--wake up in nothing but love. Hugs and kisses for everyone and a general sense of gratefulness that we're all crammed into bed together. There are a lot worse ways to wake up.

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