Thursday, February 12, 2009

Best Mom Tip #41: Look under the bed

I found a pumpkin under my daughter's bed today. An actual used-to-be-alive pumpkin. It was one of those small pumpkins that you can use to make a centerpiece or something like that. She got it at a Fall Festival we went to in OCTOBER before Halloween. Valentine's Day is on Saturday and I just found a pumpkin in her room.

In case you are interested, small un-carved pumpkins do not rot through their outer skins when kept in a temperature-controlled room for 4 months--a fact for which I am incredibly grateful. I shudder to think what might have been under there if I hadn't noticed it for another 4 months. Ants? New baby pumpkins? A brown lump of goo? Yeeccchhhh.

I have a friend who once found a stash of food wrappers under her son's bed. He had been sneaking granola bars or fig newtons or something like that and hiding the wrappers so his mom wouldn't find them in the trash. She, too, was thankful she discovered them before the crumbs drew a slew of pests to nest under her boy's bed.

I do look under the bed for clothes and toys, but the pumpkin was tucked up near the foot of the bed in the corner so unless I looked from the right angle (from the foot of the bed as close the wall as possible) I couldn't see it. Consider this a public service announcement--go look under your kids' beds. There could be produce under there.


  1. ha. this made me laugh out loud tonight. :)christian just threw away his baby pumpkin that i sent to him at the beginning of october. they can apparently also survive 2 weeks in a priority box and almost 4 months in a hot foreign country. perhaps we should learn to grow pumpkins. :)

  2. Found Garrett's from the same festival 2 weeks ago. The weird stickers with the eyes were actually under our bed...go figure on that one!