Friday, February 13, 2009

Best Mom Tip #42: Bathe quickly

I spend a lot of time herding people out of the bathroom so that I can take a shower. I just want to stand in the warm water in peace and get clean while hearing nothing but "ssshhhhhhhhhhh." That never happens.

Someone always cries or needs help finding a shirt or just wants to chat about what they're thinking about. Today I was interrupted by my daughter yelling "I'm bleeding!" She was playing a "game" where she batted the door to my closet back and forth between her hands while talking to me during my shower.

Inevitably, she managed to smash her finger in between the closet door (which is inside my bathroom) and the bathroom sink. The shower had just started to get really warm and certainly didn't want to leave it's wonderful warmth, but there was a little girl crying.

I got out, wrapped up in a big towel, and washed, medicated, and bandaged a very slightly bloody little finger. I gave her a kiss on her Dora band-aid and returned to my shower. I had only managed to wash my hair before the tragic finger-squishing incident.

I'm sure that one day after everyone grows up and goes to college I'll be able to take baths alone. Right now it's just an occupational hazard that I will try to avoid by bathing in under two minutes. I doubt I will be successful.

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