Thursday, February 26, 2009

Best Mom Tip #45: Play with their toys

I can't tell you how much fun my new dollhouse is. It has all sorts of furniture and tiny food for the kitchen. There are area rugs, a laptop computer, and a very nice coat rack. I especially like the changing table for the twins' room. And the canopy bed for the older sister is the envy of my actual, real-life daughter.

Technically, the doll house belongs to that real-life little girl, but I get to play with it on a regular basis. At the end of the day, I help reset the furniture and I rearrange the rooms the way I would like them to be. I put the family at the dinner table and set out the vegetables and cupcakes for them to eat. Then I start to work on the Barbies.

I can remember finding my Barbies in different positions when I was a little girl and wondering why my mom was playing with MY toys. I now realize that it's because moms don't really HAVE their own toys, but they're still fun to play with. So now I treat toy clean-up time as a way for my to get my toy fix. The kids think I'm overzealous when it comes to putting things in their place--I think the doll family really appreciates my help in creating traffic flow from one room to the next. How else will that mom ever have time to sit down at the laptop and write her own blog? Now if only the giant Mommy who owns my house would show up and clean...

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