Friday, February 27, 2009

Best Mom Tip #46: Read Allison Wonderland

Yesterday my daughter told me all about how she really loves Alice in Wonderland. She described her dress (kind of a purple-y-blue in real life, Mommy) and how there was a cat. It took me a minute to realize that she kept calling Alice "Allison".

It turns out that in Little Princess's world Allison is just one member of the fortunately named Wonderland Family. Her version of the story involves pictures from her Disney book, drawings from the original Alice in Wonderland, and her own imagination. It is actually quite an enjoyable tale and doesn't involve nearly as many drug related events as the actual story does.

This morning I heard her telling her dolls that Daddy was going to give a Dumbo to his clients. In reality, my husband was presenting a demo of his company's software, but a Dumbo does sound like more fun. Since he will also be attending the Texas State Rodeo as part of this client visit, it really doesn't seem so far fetched that there would be an elephant in addition to the horses, bulls, and BBQ.

I've decided that I'm going to try to imagine the world as my creative little girl hears it. She can't yet read so she's not hindered by seeing the words written down. She just takes what she hears and squishes the information into a more-fun version of what her day is like.

Allison Wonderland isn't doing anything special when she attends the tea party--that's what every day is like for her. And Daddy is a superhero who takes Dumbos on planes to clients with rodeos. I wish I were 4.

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