Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Best Mom Tip #123: Feel the magic

We went to Disney World last week and got home on Sunday. It was.....you know....fun.

In the plus column, the kids had a GREAT time. Charlotte rode a roller coaster for the first time, Griffin got to meet Woody and Buzz Lightyear, and Harry couldn't pick what to look at first on "It's a Small World." The parade was great, we got our faces painted, and we ate a lot of ice cream.

In the minus column, there were a LOT of kids there for a band festival and the entire state of Louisiana came over to avoid Mardi Gras this week. I know they were from Louisiana because they all felt the need to wear purple and gold and something that said, "geaux Tigers." I actually saw purple-and-gold-tiger-striped-platform-flip-flops. Now that's a niche market.

I also started my period early and had to buy Crazy Larry's Discount Tampons, which were actually better than my original fear that I would have to use ones shaped like mouse ears.

Anyway, now we're home and two kids have ear infections and bronchitis, one has strep throat, and I'm stuck in the house with grumpy snotty children who think this week is a lot less fun than the last.

They're right.

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