Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Best Mom Tip #126: Practice your curse words

I said "dammit" in front of my 6-year-old this morning. In my defense, this is what led up to it:

12:30am--Griffin had a terrible coughing fit and demanded milk to drink. We told him that he could have water or juice but milk wouldn't really help the cough. He loudly disagreed.

1:05am--Let Griffin convince us that he should get to sleep in our bed. It seemed reasonable at 1:00am.

4:02am--Harry had a coughing fit and woke himself up. I pat him and gave him a paci and he went back to sleep.

4:37am--Harry woke back up and had to be patted and paci'd again.

6:38am--Charlotte woke up disappointed that she could not both snuggle for 30 minutes with Mommy AND make the school bus.

6:57:17am--While trying to get Charlotte quickly and quietly dressed (since her brothers were finally asleep) I stepped on some horrible plastic toy that made noise, tripped over the doll house, and fell into the wall.

6:57:19am--Said, "dammit."

I'm not exactly disappointed that I cursed, but rather that I used a real curse word. Growing up, my dad had a whole host of curse words that weren't quite curse words. Dadgummit. Dadnabit. Dadblastit.

I think they all meant "dammit." I once heard him say shit, but that was while he was helping a neighbor cut down a tree and that tree landed on said neighbor's above ground pool.

My mom just usually yelled "Ugly Word" with such force that it actually sounded like an ugly word.

I need to practice my parental-advisory-approved cursing before the next toy attack occurs.

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  1. And in your Dad's defense, I think he shouted the "S" word while at a full sprint to avoid being killed by the falling tree. It is all in the intonation, but you are living proof that children are always listening!