Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Best Mom Tip #21: Buy makeup brushes

There's not much about my life that is glamorous no matter how many times I spell it along with Fergie. For the most part, I feel pretty schlumpy on a daily basis. It's hard to keep my "head up, shoulders back" posture when I'm lugging a baby carrier, a diaper bag, a balloon from Chick-fil-A, my purse, and grocery bags. I often have spit-up on me and I wipe a lot of runny noses. Last night my daughter told me I needed to start taking showers because my hair smelled funny (in my defense, I DID take a shower yesterday and wash my hair-- maybe I'm just bad at it).

So to prevent myself from totally giving up and buying that horrible blanket with sleeves that makes you look like a Jedi Knight in training, I'm going to keep putting on makeup and using makeup brushes to do so.

Most of the time, my makeup application occurs in the car at stoplights. Yes, I am that person. I realize that I am both tacky and ridiculous, but I do it anyway. Lots of days I forget to wear makeup completely and sometimes I don't dry my hair--these two decisions mean that for the rest of the day I look like I'm getting over a bad cold. Although that may be true of some days, there is really no reason to look like I've been ill just because I got a bit lazy. Makeup brushes can fix all this.

When you use actual brushes to apply makeup, all of a sudden it's not another chore or item that has to be done before you can leave the house. It becomes ART. Well, not really art, but enough like art that it seems fun. You start channeling Carmindy from What Not to Wear and thinking how great you look now that Stacey and Clinton have made you over. You are ready for the red carpet and your Stuart Weitzman heels. Harry Winston has sent over diamonds. Try it and you'll see what I mean. Next up, airbrushing on my foundation.

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