Saturday, January 17, 2009

Best Mom Tip #28: Keep your mind sharp

Parenting requires an enormous amount of patience, time, and answering questions. Your kids will inherently know how to push your buttons and make you crazy. And they will challenge your ability to think creatively on a regular basis.

I have been told impossible statements like "Mommy! I bite-ed my teeth!"
I've been asked questions like "Mommy, what does my hand smell like?"
I've had exchanges like this one:

Me: Quit challenging every single think I say!
Kid: I'm NOOoooOOOT! (said with a great whine)
Me: If you question me one more time I'm taking that away!
Kid: Why?

You really only have one option for dealing with this kind of thing--you've got to have entertaining responses. You bit your teeth?--well, make sure they don't fall out. What does your hand smell like?--Your hand smells like jell-O. The trick is to confuse and distract the kid so that they then think about something else and you can continue to try to remember what you needed from the grocery store. When you're stuck in a cycle of why, try to use big words so the kid has to think really hard about what you mean.

If all else fails, you can act like Angela Hoover from and send them to "go ask your father."

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