Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Best Mom Tip #22: Light candles

And not just in the bathroom. Candles make you feel fancy. They remind you of romantic dinners, wedding proposals, and your honeymoon. They feel like something special is going to happen and that you should be snuggled in next to a fire with a glass of wine.

Granted, those moments are all a little more rare now that I am surrounded by very small people. By the way, that "pitter-patter of little feet" expression is just plain wrong. My world sounds like a herd of thundering elephants. But I guess the "thud, thud, thud of little feet" didn't sound as quaint. Anyway, candles can make you feel elegant even when you're not doing something that's going to make it to Page Six.

For instance, last night we had spaghetti for dinner (sauce from a jar, pasta from the store brand) with raw spinach for dinner. Not one single goddess-like moment in that. But then I lit a single pillar candle that lives on our kitchen table and suddenly, it was a MEAL.

When you light a candle for dinner, you become the Zen master of family cuisine. You have so much extra time and energy that you, beautiful woman that you are, have created atmosphere in your home. Your family will be impressed and will behave as though they are out in public. The parents in your household will feel more amorous. Really, it is worth the 3 seconds it takes to light the match.

Just be careful to put the candle in the center of the table--Zen masters don't burn their kids' fingers.

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