Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Best Mom Tip #35: Move like a kid

As I have mentioned, I have put on few dozen pounds since my latest pregnancy. I am working to get it off by doing the standard grown-up things. I work out 5 times a week: 3 days are strength training, two days are more intensive cardio. I might also throw in a pilates class or two. I have stopped eating cookies (my all time favorite food--not kidding) after the kids are in bed. And I'm sure that in 6-8 weeks I will see some sort of weight loss. Or I will gorge on cookie dough because I am too impatient to cook it and just start wearing fat clothes.

For the most part, I enjoy working out. It relieves stress, makes me feel stronger, and increases my flexibility and energy. But you know what? It's not exactly what I would have called fun as a kid. My daughter, on the other hand, sees the world as a jungle gym. She says she's doing exercises, but what she means is that she is attempting to jump from the couch to the chair without touching the carpet. Or that she's going to use the hanger thing in the car to swing out of her side of the vehicle.

She also dances. We were getting the oil changed today and there was an old Mickey Rooney movie on the TV that involved lots of dance numbers and some sort of "puttin' on a show." Little Princess asked me if she could put down her Barbie and take off her coat so that she could dance around the Jiffy Lube a bit better. If I lived my life like that I'd never need a gym membership.

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