Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Best Mom Tip #30: Wear Sunglasses

Let's say that you've started using make-up brushes and getting your eyebrows done on a regular basis and you're feeling far more fabulous about yourself. But what happens when you have to get a kid to a doctor's appointment on time and someone barfs on you on the way out the door? How are you supposed to look amazing then?

My answer is to wear sunglasses. Get really big, movie star-type lenses that cover the entire top half of your face. No one can see if you've failed to put on mascara. No one will notice the gigantic bags under your eyes that came from staying up all night. No one will be able to tell that you have a look of desperation in your eyes.

Best of all, you can pretend you don't see people if you'd rather not make eye contact. So what if you recognize that woman who always looks perfect at PTA while you're picking up your 4th prescription of the week? If you've had someone else's bodily fluids on you in the last 24 hours, I give you permission to look right through her. Even if you do feel as though you look particularly ragged, acting like you think you look like a million bucks goes a long way toward making you believe it.

This may not work as easily for you if you don't happen to live in the sunny South like I do. Even when the temperature drops below freezing down here you can still be blinded by the sun, so sunglasses are pretty common year round. But if you live somewhere a little darker, you're going to just have to gather your confidence to pull this one off--besides, no one can question you if you refuse to look at them.

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